In most worlds, dungeons are dark places where dreadful things dwell. They are an evil counter to the goodly lands above. But Stōnfolde is different. In this world, there is the dungeon and nothing else. The dungeon is the world.

There is no land above. There is no sky, no sun, no day, and no night. Down is the way the stones fall, and up is the opposite. Direction is relative to its farthest reaches. If this world-wide dungeon has any ends, no one has found them yet.

And there are dark places and dreadful things here, but also great lands, full of beauty and kindly folk. The caverns of the great Dwarfen empire are so expansive the stirges can fly for days in any direction. The brilliant crystalline palaces of the Elfs are a wonder in any world. And the hearths and homes of the Halflings are the most welcoming and comforting places any and every where.

Stōnfolde is a big world, and big dungeon, full of danger and wonder and reward.

About the Game

Stōnfolde is a (Moldvay) Basic Dungeons & Dragons campaign played online via Google+ Hangouts and The game is open to anyone, and requires no commitment; you can play one week and never again, or play every week. To play, you will need: a copy of the D&D Basic Set Rulebook, to familiarize yourself with the house rules, and to make a character.


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